Courage + Curiosity

In my podcast interview with Kate Bares-Cochrun we talked about tools to carry within your internal arsenal as you step onto the path of enlightenment and expansion. Kate’s tools included trust and surrender. Mine were courage and curiosity.  

I never knew how much courage I was going to need until I left my marriage, my religion, and my home all at once.  I didn’t have a lot of clarity about what I was doing at the beginning of this major life change.  I only knew that I had a felt sense I needed to undergo a transformation in order to come into alignment with myself and my purpose here on Earth.

My courage came in the form of:

  • Trusting myself.
  • Loving myself, even when people in my inner circle were rejecting me.
  • Forgiving myself.
  • Trusting my intuition.
  • Celebrating every win, no matter how small or large. (Even when no one else was)
  • Having faith that if I was moving in the wrong direction, Divinity would step in and gently guide me in the right direction.
  • Sitting still and dealing with whatever was giving me anxiety in my life at that moment. 
  • Staying calm when my life was on shaky ground. 

I kept building my courage, day in and day out. Strengthening myself from the inside out so I could live in alignment with my life, God, and the rest of humanity.  I don't look back on the early days of my transformation as hard. I look back on them with awe, I was growing up so much and turning into something I really loved. 

Where courage gave me strength, curiosity paved the road to my ongoing enlightenment. 

I have always been a curious person by nature. I spent my adolescence and most of  my twenties in a bit of a fog and not really asking any questions. I was obedient and compiled to most everything.  I did what I was told and I didn't ask questions. 

As my twenty-sixth year of life started to unfold I started wondering and questioning everything. I wanted to know: 

  • Why did I do that? 
  • Why did I believe the things I did?
  • Why did other people believe, what they believed?
  • Do animals have souls?
  • Which religion was right? 
  • Are all religions saying the same thing?
  • I wondered how we have become disconnected with ourselves?
  • I wondered if there was life outside of our galaxy?
  • Can plants feel pain?
  • I wondered about the purpose of my life?
  • What was I doing here?

I had so many questions and I couldn’t find all the answers as fast as the questions were arising.

Despite being unable to find some of the answers to my sometimes very big and trivial questions, curiosity, is what kept me going in my journey.

What I love about curiosity is--it naturally creates space and releases judgment. For the first time in my life, my zest for learning was insatiable. I was hungry for knowledge and experience. I started spending time with people who were not in my inner circle and I got to know them. I could sit with them and ask questions from a sincere and inquisitive place. And they would oblige by telling me their story. I learned how they came to understand the world around them. It was so beautiful and incredibly fascinating to witness how people made sense of their lives. 

I loved talking to people so much about their life experience and spiritual journeys that I created a whole podcast dedicated to highlighting their stories and their lives.

I couldn't have come as far along in my own growth and development if I didn't lead with courage and curiosity. Kate, couldn't have built the life she did to help those around her without trust and surrender. 

As you make your way through life, try on different tools and practices that assist you in your expansion. Trust, surrender, be curious and above all be courageous. 

Click here to listen to Kate's episode 

Love + Light

Krista Xiomara

Photo Credit: Krista Xiomara 

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