LightCasting SpotLight: Dr. Julie Von

Dr. Julie Von is an accomplished practitioner of both Chinese and American medicine. She is the best selling author of Spiritual Fertility:Integrative Practices for the Journey to Motherhood

I was struck immediately by Dr. Von's tenderness and kindness in our interview when she talks about helping countless individuals and couples conceive. Her tenderness and kindness also translate in her book, as she guides the reader through uncovering blocks that are not typically revealed in conventional medical approaches related to fertility. She relies on her medical intuition to guide her to a holistic approach with each one of her patients.

In our western medical systems dealing with past trauma whether physical, emotional, or psychological when it comes to our female health and fertility is rarely found. One has to curate their own holistic healthcare plan with a variety of health care individuals and the patient becomes the center of a web held together by parts that are not always co-communicating with one another. Which is a lot for one person to manage, when wanting to bring a child into this world. 

What western medicine lacks in terms of seeing the person and the soul, Eastern medicine picks up. This is where you find Dr. Julie Von, at the crossroads of Eastern and Western medicine, committed to taking a holistic and compassionate approach to women's health and fertility. Dr. Von also wants to know: What trauma have you incurred? What generational trauma has been passed down to you?

If you have been attempting to conceive Dr. Von wants you to be gentle with yourself and remember that fertility struggles can go deeper than just lab testing and lack of nutrition. In our interview Dr. Von talks about treating each patient on a case by case basis, extrapolating not only their medical history but their familial and trauma history to understand the whole of the individual. Creating a plan that reflects the patients wellness on all planes and dimensions. She uses her integrative healing practices and medical intuition to create a path forward along with her scientific modalities.

Dr. Von has helped many women conceive, heal, and cross into the journey of motherhood. Dr. Von's intuitive gifts have also helped her reach what she calls "golden threads" that link us to energy of attached souls. In her own words from her blog she says "By “attached souls,” I mean that, because energy precedes matter, the timeless connections between spirits can be felt and observed in the subtle and unseen energetic fields, or auras, of each person, even before pregnancy takes place."

Dr. Von tells the audience how at the beginning of her journey she had these intuitive insights, what she calls Psychic Fertility and how she had a premonition--of her daughter who was yet to even be conceived or realized. This could have been strange to understand, as she grew up in a traditional family with Christian backgrounds, but not overly religious. However, she fully trusted these otherworldly moments and decided to move her career to meld both Eastern and Western medicine and practices.

She followed her own golden thread of sorts that would birth a successful business, book, and practice. She believes when it comes to Psychic Fertility, it is a gift we all possess, like many other the psychic abilities. Dr. Von is invested in helping women find a fertility plan that integrates their body, mind, soul, and future children.

For Dr. Von, what comes first before all things is trust in what we cannot see but what we can sense and feel.

Enjoy my full conversation with Dr. Julie Von by heading over to Spotify to listen. 

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