Play to Your Strengths!


Over the course of my 20 years in business that has become the core principal and guiding light of how I operate in the world, professionally and personally. There are a myriad of qualities I possess that set me apart from other people. To name just a few; I rely heavily on my ability to strategically and decisively make decisions. Not everyone can make quick decision under stressful situations and think about everything that is involved. I can. I love this about myself. Another strength, is holding both the big picture and small details of any business decision to create a cohesive holistic pathway forward. Lastly, I am curious. I ask "why" or "how does this work?" "How did you accomplish that?" "How can I improve this or that...because I want to go there..." I am very proud to possess these attributes and they have never let me down. 

However, there are things I am not inherently good at. Math for starters, but let's not talk about that one. Other examples would be; not knowing when to ask for help, losing patience when things don't move fast enough and technical writing. Oh! How I wish I was better at this.

The biggest impact on my career, is finding and working with individuals who excel in areas that are my weakness. In your work life, office politics and power plays can get even the best of us. I’ve found focusing on and embracing other people’s strengths and to not feeling threatened by them gives me more purpose and drive in my job.

I’m still working my 9-5 job while I work on my dream job.

Everything I work on outside of my 9-5 seeps into my daily work because I want to create a work environment that encourages and fosters collaboration and positivity. It’s critical that I merge my authenticity and core values in and out of work.

We all have co-workers, friends and family who do not believe in themselves or have the confidence to feel secure in what they do or what they can achieve.

What can you do?

Encourage your co-workers, managers, peers, and friends on a daily basis. Give them the much-needed positive feedback they may not get to hear. Speak kindness to them about what they do well and what you admire about them. Who doesn’t like a verbal pick me up?

Find your strengths and don’t forget to give yourself words of encouragement too!

Find out what you are good at and hone the heck out of that skill. Examine and explore where you could grow, personally and professionally. Self-improvement, growth and evolving into your best self is never a bad thing and no one has ever regretted it. Then take a moment to really appreciate all the skills that make you who you are. 

I'm not perfect (except on Tuesday's...I'm totally perfect on that day.)

I continue to strive to be my best self, every day. I continue to get up and dust myself off, when I've fallen flat on my face.  Why, because every day I'm working towards strengthening myself in all areas. My core philosophy is; Learn from everything and everyone. If you stay open, life will bring you the teachers you need, the situations you desire, and the right circumstances to help you grow.

Love + Light

Krista Xiomara

Photo Credit:RawPixel

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