Put your blinders on!

If could rid the world of anything, it would be our very human need to compare ourselves to one another. (And all major life-threatening diseases, of course.) 

The last twelve months, I put my blinders on. I wanted to dive deep into staying focused on what I was doing and never worrying if someone was outpacing me, out dancing me, or out spinning me. I’ve done a lot of personal development in my years here on Earth, but there were times where I found myself a little envious, a little charmed and mostly in awe of other’s who were just killing it out there in the world. Being their bad ass self.

Admiration. Cool. Envy. Not So Cool.

So, I set out on this experiment, with my blinders on and running full steam ahead through my life in order to practice not comparing myself to anyone or anything. Every time that part of my psyche which would creep up and start worry about what other people were doing; I would offer compassion and redirect my focus back to what I was working on.

I was training my mind, like you would a little puppy.

Those past twelve months were a blast and what I found was liberation and unending joy. Like buckets and buckets of joy. I found that releasing my own judgment about where I should be, what I should be doing, worrying about what someone else was doing--cleared up space in my mind.

There is that famous quote that says, “comparison is the thief of joy.”  I found this to be true, once I had my blinders on.  With my blinders on, I did not get distracted by what other people were working on in their entrepreneurial or creative lives. I did not get caught up in, comparing my work to anyone else.

The last year became a daily practice in being and allowing the world to move around me.

Diving head first into this experience helped me feel empowered and connected to my own work in a way I hadn’t felt since I was child. I made so many magical things this past year, including meditative poetry (lots and lots of poetry), paintings and I wrote, and wrote and wrote.  

What I learned over the past twelve months is: It is great to admire the work of others. That’s what we are here to do on Earth, to love and support each other. However, if we find our admiration morphing into envy and we start to judge ourselves or put ourselves down.  Well that’s dangerous territory. 

In all things we must always be our own best friend and hold ourselves in the highest positive regard, regardless of what the world is doing around us. We must love everything about what we are, what we do, and what we contribute in this world and nothing less.

Put your blinders on for a while, see what deepens or changes within you.


Love + Light

Krista Xiomara

Photo Credit: Fabian Burghardt

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