Success is a Spectrum


Success is a wide spectrum and we all have different placeholders on that spectrum at any given time. 

What I see as damaging is when people cannot recognize that they are already a success where there are. Inevitably a person's success will amplify over time no doubt; if they are putting in the work and staying focused on what they want to accomplish.

At times it is difficult to recognize success in the simplicity of life. We have to be mindful and acknowledge the simple success of getting up, helping someone, finishing a degree, getting married, having a life long committed partnership, raising children, being a good friend, volunteering, helping the poor, listening to a friend in need, providing process improvements in your workplace, having a strong work ethic, dabbling in the creative arts (because you want to make the world more beautiful). The examples are endless!

Whatever it is, that you are doing...plain and simple you are already a success. Do not judge where you are on the success spectrum just because it's not where you want to be long term.

It is okay to want and be more than you are but remember to relish where you are now by contrasting with how far you have come. Take it all in. Daily.


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