Last night I laid my head to rest and whispered a sacred farewell to my thirty-eighth year of breathing and walking on this miracle we call Earth. I arose to find loyally and without pomp or circumstance my thirty-ninth iteration had embodied my being. What a gift.

Every year on this day, I look back meticulously on the last twelve months to see what I have learned, and tell you my dear friends and family a story about my life and what had come to pass.

P E A C E | H A P P I N E S S | C O N T E N T M E N T

I am always pleasantly surprised how with each passing year, my internal peace and contentment grows. I set off on a journey 11 years ago in search of way to calm the war within me. Along that journey I have learned over and over again that peace is eternal and an inside job. And that just beyond happiness (which is fleeting) is something more valuable and enduring; Contentment. My contentment in these last twelve months has been about; accepting what is, having gratitude for the smallest moments, cherishing my home and the clothes on my back and remembering that every moment we a miracle unfolding in front of our human eyes. If you are struggling to stay positive day to day; slow down and be amazed that you have clean running water. That when you sleep, your body is hard at work without your help to restore you and process everything you did the day before. Focus on what’s going right. Become contented in what you have and the miracles that surround you. We need more peace in this world. But global peace doesn’t happen until we make peace with ourselves. Let’s try together to not use words against ourselves or others. Nothing is gained by mentally beating ourselves up or judging others around us.

H A P P I L Y | R U N N I N G | T O | D E A T H

No, I’m not going anywhere...yet. (but probably in my late 80’s though for sure, in my sleep like The Notebook) My thirties have been the most amazing decade of my life...even with the major life events and setbacks. The gains far outweighed the losses. I can’t wait for my 40’s. I sometimes imagine that I am sprinting towards old age and my last breath. I have an unbridled sense of urgency to act on all the things I said I would do that I didn’t when I was younger. My focus and purpose has become crystal clear. I have found practice and pleasure in expediting forgiveness and unnecessary baggage. Anything that comes up—emotionally or mentally that is painful; I look at it and ask, “who do I need to forgive?” Usually it is a mixture between myself and someone else and compassionately in that moment of forgiveness I know they were doing the very best they could do—and I let go. Over and over again until it’s completely gone. Forgiveness is that other “F” word that often happens in the privacy of our homes and heart. If you’re holding onto something, forgive yourself FIRST for anchoring yourself to it—then forgive whomever else might be involved. They don’t even have to be there.

D R E A M S | R E Q U I R E | A C T I O N | AND | P A T I E N C E

The sense of urgency I have about running out the clock on my life meant that I had to get to work. And hard work. What this last year has taught me is that my dreams however amazing, innovative, charitable, exciting and inspiring require consistent action and patience in order to come into fruition. I have been quietly and industriously working on several creative projects that I hope once fully birthed, will help people in their own inner healing and personal journey. My dreams are scratching at the surface with the same impatience I have to see them come alive. I know that my time on this Earth is limited, that I—like everyone else is not promised a tomorrow. So saying “I’ll get to that tomorrow.” Or “That can wait.” Is no longer a response I can afford to say. Neither should you. Start that project. Ask that girl out. Sign up for a half marathon. Take that road trip. Write your children a book. Whatever it is. It.cannot.wait.

THE | F A I T H | W I T H I N

This past year, has shown me the criticality of cultivating and honoring faith in oneself. Having faith in yourself to overcome, to triumph, to endure, to continue on when everyone is asking you to give up, is not only necessary—it is required. Growing faith in yourself is paramount in creating a life that is built around a deep knowingness that you are exactly where you should be. That nothing is an accident. That you can summon the heavens to help you at a moments notice. And that no decision you made was ever a mistake, but an opportunity to learn, grow and change as you see fit. The faith you have within yourself, is the same trust you put in yourself. Trust yourself. Trust your journey; even if it doesn’t make sense to you at times. Keep putting one foot in front of the other knowing you are always being supported and guided. Externally and internally. You can move confidently into the direction of your dreams and your hearts desire. And God, The Universe or whatever you believe in will be opening every door and clearing every path to ensure your success. Just keep moving with faith and trust in yourself.

S E L F-L O V E | S E L F- C A R E

It has taken me almost the entirety of this year to concede that I have not taken care of myself—physically. I have come to realize everything I have learned on my path towards enlightenment, yoga, meditation, and self-compassion went out the window when it came to listening to the screeches and protestations of my body. Until they had nothing else to give or say. This is NOT how I take care of others or how I remind the ones I love to care for themselves. Practicing what you teach, might be the best most humbling experience to have. If I was a cobbler, I’d have no shoes. Alas, this means now that it has come into my awareness that taking care of myself is a radical act of LOVE. And so, I’ll give you some more unsolicited and undigested advice: Listen to your body. Move your body. Give your mind rest. Give your body play. Give your body good food. Drink lots of water. And maybe some wine.

T H E | E N D

As I celebrate my day of birth; know I am thinking of everyone who touches the banks and periphery of my life...and I am wishing YOU well. My birthday wishes includes all of YOU. You are what have made this year special for me. Thank you for loving me and supporting me, in your unique way. My wish is that you have enough food to eat. Enough money to get you through the next decade. Enough friends to hold onto. Enough love to sustain you. Enough health to walk you to the end of your long life. And lastly I wish for you peace, contentment and unending amounts of self-love.

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