Be Nice to Yourself

How is it that we can see the beauty, grace, intelligence and loveliness in others long before we see it in ourselves? I would love to hear what your answer is to that question. 

For me, it was a long-held narrative about my inherent worthiness and ability to love and be loved. Finding the blocks that interrupt your ability to love yourself are key. Most of the time we are so bogged in our cultural, societal and familial conditioning that we can’t see through the fog to uncover those blocks. If you can’t see the blocks and you’re barely starting the scratch the surface of uncovering your true self. The next best place is by starting to speak kindly and positively to yourself in a way that feels authentic and true.   

On this beautiful Sunday, I ask with a heaping amount of compassion and non-judgment to please sweet souls watch your mind and your thoughts for any negative commentary. Commentary about You, the current state of your life, what you do or do not have,  your financial state, the state of your appearance ..etc. Stop your thoughts before it forms into a full sentence and release any judgment you may feel and say something good about YOU.


Take a moment to count 5 things in under 5 minutes that you REALLY value about yourself, your journey and your life. Sit with those 5 things for 5 minutes. Let them marinate and soak into your psyche and your heart. Visualize and feel the goodness you are thinking about yourself sink in. Open your eyes knowing, you are so much more than what even you can see. 

In full transparency—My homework completed:

5 things: I value being able to cultivate deep connections with my dear friends. I value my ability to believe in myself no matter how times I've failed or succeeded. I value my curiosity. I value the simple things (my sight, my hearing, my health). I value my desire to help others along their journey, as a way for me to live out my purpose.

Love, the sh*t out of yourself today. And please, please be kind and gentle with yourself! 


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