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Press Release: LightCasting Spiritual Podcast Network

In 2018, Krista Xiomara incepted the "I'm Awake! Now What?" Podcast--creating a global audio community to support seekers and aspirants who are on the path of awakening, healing, and personal development. Thousands of people have listened and the show has welcome some of spirituality's biggest names.  So naturally, it was time to grow... At the end of 2021, Krista Xiomara realized a need to help support and elevate indie spiritual podcasts. She wanted to give spiritual podcasts a home where they could expand, grow their listening audience by leveraging a network of podcasts, idea-share, and create spiritual content that could be shared openly and freely to the collective.  LightCasting was born. LightCasting's ethos is to cast literal light into the world, illuminating the...

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