I'm a Positive Person, Now What?

I wasn't alway a positive person growing up and it wasn't until I found Buddhism that I became grounded in being and finding peace and inner happiness. Finding all those things lead to me becoming more positive in everyday situations and seeing the good in people--instead of mistrusting everyone. 

Being a positively charged and positively inclined person doesn't mean you have to be happy all the time or that nothing will go wrong if you just stay positive. 

Being positive also does not mean you avoid reality, but that you have a deep understanding of reality and know that the tide will always turn--good or bad. 

There is a lot of negativity in the world and before my awakening, I never knew how much I was contributing to it. If you are someone who is struggling to stay positive, be gentle with yourself. Take time to recognize your own negative dialogue or behaviors. Strive to change one thing, each day and do not beat yourself up too much if you struggle to change. We all do. Changing our way of thinking and being, takes work and repetition. We have to train the negativity out of our mind like we would train for a marathon. 

As you transform your life and you become more authentically you, if you find yourself becoming more positively charged here are some things you can do to keep spreading the good vibes!


-Help someone else turn the page who may not know how to be positive in the midst of their own negative dialogue. Teach them what you know. 

-Extend a hand, an ear, or a hug to someone who is suffering. Lift someone up and share the abundance of your light with them.

-Give encouragement to someone who may need it, who can't quite believe in themselves. 

-Speak kindness and positivity to others. If you know someone struggling to love themselves. Remind them all the ways they are worthy and good. 

-Smile at complete strangers. Science says this extends our lives and the lives of others. 

These are small ways to help if find yourself teetering on mostly the positive side of life. I know you are probably doing all of these things and more!! Keep up the good work! Our world and all the people in your immediate circle need it. 

Love + Light 

Krista Xiomara

Photo Credit : Alexander Bracken

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