Letting Sisyphus' Rock Roll

"We musn't be our own obstacle."

This is a hard won lesson in the school of life. 

The myth of Sisyphus for me represents all the ways we put obstacles in our way or disempower ourselves by telling stories to keep us small, stuck or in the shadows of our own lives. 

We can put imagined obstacles in our own way without ever knowing it. Sometimes we decide before ever trying; that what we want is "too hard" or we are not "smart enough" or we don't have "what it takes" to accomplish it. Or we aren't worthy of it. 

Sometimes obstacles are even more intangible and vividly imagined without any real evidence. For instance have you ever said or believed statements like these:

"I will never find the a partner to share my life with."

"I can't find my purpose because I am not passionate about anything in particular."

"I can't do that, I'm afraid of what my family, friends or people around me might think."

"I will never lose weight"

The list could go on. I'm here to tell you, You can. There are no obstacles, except for the ones we put in front of ourselves.  

How can we stop from putting obstacles in our way?

1) Think creatively and with curiosity. 

2) Removing negative stories and thoughts involved in our decision process.

3) We can ask, "What am I afraid of, if I cannot accomplish/achieve/bring into my life what I set out to do?

Thinking creatively means we are looking at what our perceived obstacle is in varying degrees of light and curiosity. We can step back for a moment and say definitively..."I will always be alone?" This is just not true. Love will come. People will come. Sometimes it's getting out of our comfort zone to meet people in new and interesting ways. It's also about adjusting our focus to find core attributes we would like to attract in a person; instead of focusing on perfect expectations that will never come to pass. Then removing any judgment we feel about our current situation. 

Negative thoughts and stories we tell ourselves; keep us down.

They keep our energy low and they keep our hope absent in the solutions. If we can spend a moment every day; watching our thoughts and the stories we tell in the negative perspective...this will help us see another way out. Ask yourself; "is this negative thought/story true? What would be the opposite of this scenario?" How about calling up a supportive and compassion friend; to help you see if what you are thinking is really true. I bet they would remind you how awesome you really are!!!

Ohhhhh Fear. Fear is like a jester in the court of our minds. Fear will trick, push, and pull us in every direction...to get its way.

Fear wants nothing more than to keep you small and quite frankly...unhappy.  How many times have you wanted to do something fun or silly or out of the ordinary and you heard that voice in your head say "don't do it.." "everyone will laugh at you" Next time, make me a promise. Just Do It. (Nike did not endorse this post) Jump on that trampoline, ask that girl out, apply for a new job, move to that new city, go watch a movie alone, ask a stranger to have dinner with you, wear that dress in your closet you don't think you have the body to wear, go on that trip! ANYTHING, JUST DO IT.

Don't waste this life putting unrealistic obstacles and rocks in your way when you can just let the rock roll and move past it.  

Clear space for YOU to be YOU.

Love + Light 

Krista Xiomara

Photo Credit: Leio McLaren

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