LightCasting SpotLight: Kelly Lindsey

Kelly Lindsey is one of those human beings who glows calm and peace. Sitting down with her for our podcast interview, I was immediately absorbed by her kind and warm energy. Kelly is an author, meditation and yoga teacher, body-mind therapist, and co-founder of Dakini Meditative--she's also a wife and mother.

She came to the podcast to discuss her new book "The Four Immeasurables" which focuses on cultivating a life that allows you to live with an open heart. On the spiritual path, opening ourselves up to practice unconditional love and positive regard for our fellow human beings can bring us challenges and disappointments. Especially within ourselves, as I expressed to Kelly in our interview.

When all we want to do is love the world and we inadvertently become injured by harsh reciprocity or actions it's difficult to stay open. I find myself often times retreating into isolation if I've been injured emotionally by another person.

Kelly makes a great point that we are not necessarily meant to live in a state of openness, all the time. She goes on to say that the inclination to contract (or retreat) when we are energetically or spiritually wounded mirrors that same contraction that happens in our physical heart which requires us to take time to heal.

She articulates living with an open heart for her means: "doing the best I can every day to stay open to all of experience and my responses to experience." She encourages the listeners to open up to the fullness being a human and find peace in the unfolding of our experience.

Kelly wraps up the interview touching on conscious parenting. She leads with a call to action, to take parenting as a path. She shares how she has observed other's identifying parenting as an obstacle to their spiritual development. She muses about accepting our children as our teachers for further expansion of our spiritual practices instead of detracting from them.

Enjoy my full conversation with Kelly Lindsey by heading over to Spotify to listen. 

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