LightCasting Spotlight: Transpersonal Psychotherapist and Author Bonnie Greenwell discusses navigating the spiritual awakening process

Bonnie Greenwell's book "When Spirit Leaps: Navigating the Process of Spiritual Awakening" is road map for your awakening. It is core curriculum for anyone wishing to expand and embrace their spirituality. Bonnie tells the audience that awakenings are not a one-size-fits-all. A person's awakening is individual to them. It is colored by their upbringing, their culture, their family, the places they live and people around them. The opening, also individual by circumstance and life experience. Awakening is eclectic, there are many doors in which to enter awakening.

Bonnie describes spiritual awakening in her book as "Clearly remembering who you are: one with all existence."

She talks about how there is a universal consciousness within you that awakens itself.  In the western world, we taught (mostly through Abrahamic religions) that we need a mediator to access our wisdom and consciousness. Spiritual awakening sheds that idea and brings us to "the realization of our true nature, by true nature" Bonnie says in her book.

Bonnie goes list out different types of awakenings by saying "Even people who would never identify as spiritual sometimes find themselves awakening through activities that I've come to call "portals" to awakening."

  • A near death experience (NDE)
  • Deep meditative practice
  • A traumatic event or injury
  • Yoga or qigong exercises
  • Suffering, despair, or greif
  • Encountering a guru or awakened teacher
  • Childbirth
  • An exercise found on the internet
  • Experimentation with psychedelics
  • Devotional practice and prayer
  • A visitation, vision, or mystical dream
  • Breathing practices
  • A sudden aha! moment
  • A shamanic journey or treatment

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