Rumi's Infinite Wisdom and Guidance

Rumi, master of love, timeless poet, spiritual titan. His books, works and life are built around synergy, unconditional love, connection to the divine, and oneness with divinity as we are divine ourselves. 

Today I am anchored by this so very often quoted quote; “what I seek is also seeking me.”

I, like many of you have dreams, hopes and aspirations. I hold many hopes for the people in my ecosystem that I love dearly. I often dream about living creatively full time. While my aspirations usually including continuing on my journey of personal development for the greater good of the collective.

That’s a lot and it can be overwhelming. Holding all of those things at once in your mind and continuing to work all of them in your daily life.

How will it all get done or accomplished, you may ask yourself?

Having been on the path of awakening and committed to my own enlightenment for the last ten years. I know without a doubt that the Divine (God, Universe, Spirit) in all its wisdom, creativity, and love for me will bring me what I most require to live fully in this life. I have faith in what I cannot see or create myself, I give the rest to God.

A major shift in the past ten years, is I no longer make demands, worry or beg in my prayers and meditations. I now find myself working with the Divine, as a collaborator.  Its peaceful and harmonious this way I have no words to describe it.

We meet in the middle and I trust that Divine is always there, working with my hopes, dreams and aspirations. I am humble enough to know, I do not always have the wisdom to know what is my next right move. I have to trust in my connection with Divine and my own intuition to show me the way.

I set my intentions out into the word and trust that, the right doors will open, the right people will come into my life, the right circumstances will appear because of my collaboration and trust in the Divine. The Divine, I have witnessed works quickly to weed out what will not serve my higher purpose.So long as I stay connected, mindful and aware of the things happening around me and for me. 

It is doing this for you too, every day.

Being on a spiritual path, can be ambiguous. As we move away from strict doctrine, texts, and religion. We are shifting towards relying on our individual connection with Divine, to show us how to move in the world. In a sense, we are returning to our roots when our relationship with God was not defined for us, but by us.

I encourage you today to set your intentions, continue to keep working towards all the things that set you on fire, ask for as much as you need and a little more. Then, let the Divine do the rest.  

Love + Light

Krista Xiomara

Photo Credit: Charles Freger

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