The Gift of Synchronicity

Synchronicity was defined by Jung, years ago as "meaningful coincidences." The academic definition is: "The simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible casual connection."  

I believe fully in the idea of synchronicity.  

In your youth, you tend to think the world revolves around you and that things are constantly happening to You. As we grow up, we gain insights and wisdom.  We find that we are not at the center of our own universe. (Tragic, I know.) 

What I have come to know about these two ideas, synchronicity and life revolving outside of myself is this: 

1) No one has come into my life by accident.

2) I have not come into someone’s life by accident. 

There are times when I have people, jobs, partners, family members, or friends have come into my life that serve me, and there are times when I enter into people's lives to serve them. 

Always, on the outset it feels like the situation, persons or circumstances are in fact for You. But what happens when things get derailed and the situation, person or circumstance does not pan out in the way you envisioned or expected? You may feel deflated when this happens. I can assure you it is not for naught. 

Inevitably when enough time has passed and you have the wisdom of hindsight. You can acknowledge without a doubt; that something valuable and unspeakable was exchanged. Maybe a shift in your way of thinking. Maybe you decided to move in a different direction. Maybe some small healing was exchanged in your time together with this person. The same can be said in the inverse, for the person experiencing you. This tiny but meaningful coincidences shape us far into our future and we have to stay as conscious and mindful in our world to recognize how we can be useful to each other, in small and large ways. Through being the carriers of synchronicities that brought us together.

I believe we are all teaching and learning vessels in this life. At times we are the teacher, at other times we are the student. 

What is important to remember with synchronicity is that at all times you are at the service of your own awakening and the awakening of others.

If in the moment your path crosses with another being and things do not make sense. It will. Just give it time. 

Love + Light

Krista Xiomara

Photo Credit: Tim Marshall 


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