The Significance of Your Own Life

 I retreat into nature to become restored, to pray, meditate, and bath in the nature’s bounty. I was on a hike a few years ago, contemplating the meaning of my life, as many of us do. This thought popped into my head and I quickly wrote it down.

“Faith is not just about believing in a God, Divinity or a Higher Power. It is about believing in the significance of your own life and purpose.”

I have come back to this thought many times since then.

If you are seeker or someone who is committed to the evolution of your life, for a higher purpose, there are times when you may wonder, what is my purpose? Purpose, comes in all shapes and sizes.

For example, ,my mother has spent most of her adult life fulfilling a large and meaningful purpose. For last 30 years she has fed, clothed, hugged, prayed for, and administered medical care to the poor people in the slums of Juarez, Mexico. My Mom's purpose in life (aside from raising some pretty awesome kids) has been to take care of the forgotten ones. The ones who live in cardboard homes, who drink dirty water, who do not have enough to eat every night and do not have warm clothes to wear on cold desert nights. Her purpose is like a 5000-watt sign; obvious, admirable, and palpable. Her purpose has reached far and wide, across borders and across many lives.

Then, there are the different sized but powerful exchanges of purpose. It’s helping a stranger out. Feeding a homeless person. Staying late to help your co-worker finish their project. It’s helping your neighbor jump their car. It’s speaking kindness to another person. It’s providing positive feedback to someone doubting themselves. It’s letting some in your lane, when traffic is heavy. It’s picking up trash. Recycling on regular basis. It’s laughing with children and becoming child-like when you are in their presence. It’s giving a hug to someone who really needs it.  

All these daily activities we do, stitch together our larger purpose and it’s easy to forget because they happen all the time.  Your life is significant and your purpose is multidimensional.  Believing that every day is an opportunity to impact the world for the better, is a baseline to continue to live out our purpose in new and exciting ways.  As we change and evolve our primary and secondary purposes may change.  

Our purpose is never one thing or one size.  We can continue to search and carve out, larger purposes and larger projects that reach more people. However, do not discount the significance of smaller interactions that create ripples in larger “we” of our collective journey purpose.


Love + Light

Krista Xiomara

Photo Credit: Steve Halama

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