You are whole.

Maya Angelou used to say that words were things that stick to the walls and our shoes and in our hair. She would often remind us that we should choose our words with intention, with purpose and with kindness—especially in speaking to ourselves.
So let’s talk language and the power of words.
Language is a critical part of our lives. It’s how we connect, it's how we emote, it’s how we influence others, it’s how we convey when something isn’t right. Language and words are constantly flowing through our inner dialogue. In our heads—all day, everyday.
As of recent I’ve been seeing the word “broken” being thrown around as a blanket statement to cover how we evolve as adults when the dust of our childhood and collective growing up experiences settle. 
My overall concern with using a word like “broken” is that it has negative bias, it connotes that something can not be repaired. It also speaks to our own internal psyche in way that will manifest things like feelings of low self-esteem, unworthiness, disdain for oneself, and at its worst: Self-Hatred.
It is hard to love yourself when you think negative words or ideas about yourself.
I am here to remind you, nothing is broken about you and you don’t need to be fixed. We all have the opportunity to grow and learn from our past, from our mistakes, from our missteps. I would encourage you if you do want to change and grow, do it from a place of Unconditional Positive Regard for YOURSELF—not because you don’t like yourself. 
We are inherently whole. Life experiences at times cause us to lose sight of this or believe it is lost. It never is. 
In my ideal world, we choose words that uplift and carry us an those around us. In my ideal world, no one ever uses a harsh word against another human being and we all practice speaking kindly to ourselves in every moment.  In my ideal world we interrupt negative dialogue and words against ourselves no matter how small or large.  In my ideal world we do not let others use negative words against themselves—because the world becomes a kinder place when we start within.

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